Story Time: Little Me

One of my favorite parts about working in a library is story time! I have a story time once a week for children who can walk to 2 years and their grown-ups. This isn’t a program that patrons have to register for, so it’s always a surprise how many people show up; so I have to be ready for anything. I have had as few as 2 children to as many as 31!

I follow the same routine every story time. I think the consistency is really important to children of this age. Every month has a general theme; so I use the same songs for each story time during that month; however each week, I will focus on a specific topic that relates to the theme. I will change the books and flannels to reflect the topic.

Here is the general format that I use for my story time session:

  • Hello
    • I introduce myself and tell the children about the theme
  • Welcome Songs
    • We sing two-three welcome songs (depending on how restless they are!)
  • Story
  • Finger Plays / Songs
    • We sing two-three songs
  • Story
  • Nursery Rhyme
  • Finger Plays
    • Two-three finger plays. I try to include ASL in one of these
  • Felt Board
  • Finger Plays / Songs
    • Two-three songs
  • Story (Big Book or Pass Out Books)
  • Musical Movement Songs
    • Two songs that use a prop (scarf, ribbon, egg, bells, etc.)
  • Goodbye Songs
    • Two goodbye songs
  • Play Time

Check back for specific story time plans!



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