Five Owls

Five Owls


There are two rhymes that can be used with these flannels:

Five Hoot Owls
Five hoot owls sitting in a tree,
One flew away! How many do you see?
One hoot owl sitting in a tree,
He flew away! How many do you see?

My inspiration: Sunflower Storytime

Five Fluffy Owls
Five fluffy owls, a branch as their floor.
One flew into the dark, and then there were four.

Four fluffy owls sitting in a tree.
One flew towards the moon, and then there were three.

Three fluffy owls wondering what to do,
One said “good-bye”, and then there were two.

Two fluffy owls looking for some fun.
One found a mouse to catch, and then there was one.

One fluffy owl, eyes big and round,
She soared into the sky with stars all around.

My inspiration: Felt Board Ideas



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