Folder Story: The Lovely Ladybug

Another folder story. I found this one through Stories with Ms. Jenna. She links to the original at this website.

Folder Story, Lovely Ladybug

The Lovely Ladybug

Let’s play a ladybug color game, I’ll give you rhyming clues.
If you know it, say the name of each color that I use!

The first color for our buggy friend;
Is the color of sunshine…it’s the color yellow!

Frogs in the pond and a fresh snap bean;
Did you guess the color green?

The sky above and the ocean, too;
Such a beautiful color…it’s the color blue!

Strawberry ice cream, come on now, think!
You are right…it’s the color pink!

Grapes for jelly on a PB&J;
Purple is the color that we say!

Pumpkins or basketballs rolling by;
Orange is the color that we now spy.

Fluffy clouds and the moon at night;
Did you say the color white?

Roses that grow in the garden bed;
Are this beautiful color, the color red.

Ladybug, ladybug up in the sky.
Thanks for the fun and now we say, goodbye!


How I Made the Folder Story:

  • Cut a large circle out. Add construction paper head and eyes. Draw on antenna.
  • Cut out small black circles for dots.
  • Place a layer of contact paper down, and put the black dots down. Place a second layer of contact paper to seal the black dots in.
  • Use book tape to tape the sides closed.

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