Ed Emberley Art Party

Ed Emberley’s birthday is 19 October 1931. I love his thumbprint books and drawing books, and thought that an art party program would be a cool way to celebrate his birthday.

Program Plan

-Welcome and Introduction to Ed Emberley

go away big green monster



  • Go Away, Big Green Monster / Ed Emberley



  • Drawing Stationbig green drawing book
    • Children could draw anything they wanted. I had a couple of Ed Emberley’s drawing books placed on the table as inspiration.
    • Materials: white cardstock, colored pencils, pens.


  • Fingerprint Necklace Stationfingerprint necklace
    • Children could make a little fingerprint art on a mini cardstock circle, and string yarn through it to make a necklace.
    • Materials: white cardstock circles with paper-punch hole, string, ink pads, pens.


  • Fingerprint Art Stationfingerprint art
    • Children could make fingerprint art on paper.
    • Materials: white cardstock, construction paper, fancy scissors, ink pads, pens, colored pencils.


  • Collage Stationcollage


  • Go Away, Big Green Monster Stationbig green monster
    • Children could create a Big Green Monster on a paper plate.
    • Materials: paper plates, green tissues paper, face cut-outs, glue.
    • My inspiration for this craft.



I wanted the focus of this program to be on process-based activities. The only activity that was “cut and paste” was the Big Green Monster station. I was so happy that the participants visited every station, and they seemed to enjoy the opportunity to be creative.


Story Time at the Museum: The Way We Used to Live

The Way We Used to Live

Story Time Plan


  • We Clap and Sing Hello
  • The More We Get Togetherox cart man


  • Ox-Cart Man / Donald Hall

-Action Song

  • Grand Old Duke of York

-Bookgoing to town

  • Going to Town / Laura Ingalls Wilder


  • Wind the Bobbin Up

-Bookhome carson ellis

  • Home / Carson Ellis


  • Open, Shut Them

-Bookcovered wagons bumpy trails

  • Covered Wagons, Bumpy Trails / Verla Kay


  • A Smooth Road
  • To Market, To Market


  • We Wave Goodbye Like This


Back-Up Books

  • If You Lived Here / Giles Laroche
  • Madeline / Ludwig Bemelmans
  • Building Our House / Jonathan Bean



This theme was suggested by the museum coordinator. It was a little tricky to find good picture books about the way that we used to live, but I was able to find some really great ones!

Story Time at the Museum: Blackout

Inspired by the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Story Time Plan


  • We Clap and Sing Hello
  • The More We Get Togetherblackout


  • Blackout/ John Rocco

-Action Song

  • Come Under my Umbrella


  • Eclipses / Nick Hunter


  • Climb Aboard the Spaceship

-Folder Story

  • Four Little Rockets


  • Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

-Bookflashligh, lizi boyd

  • Flashlight / Lizi Boyd


  • Bumpin’ Up and Down in My Little Space Shuttle
  • If You’re Going to the Moon


  • We Wave Goodbye Like This


Back-Up Books

  • When Charlie McButton Lost Power / Suzanne Collins
  • Kitten’s First Full Moon / Kevin Henkes



We had a few more people at this story time, which was great! The theme was inspired by the 2017 solar eclipse, but since there were very few books about solar eclipses, I chose to do some on power outages and darkness. The group was really into the stories, so we ended up reading both of the back-up books!

Folder Story: The Lovely Ladybug

Another folder story. I found this one through Stories with Ms. Jenna. She links to the original at this website.

Folder Story, Lovely Ladybug

The Lovely Ladybug

Let’s play a ladybug color game, I’ll give you rhyming clues.
If you know it, say the name of each color that I use!

The first color for our buggy friend;
Is the color of sunshine…it’s the color yellow!

Frogs in the pond and a fresh snap bean;
Did you guess the color green?

The sky above and the ocean, too;
Such a beautiful color…it’s the color blue!

Strawberry ice cream, come on now, think!
You are right…it’s the color pink!

Grapes for jelly on a PB&J;
Purple is the color that we say!

Pumpkins or basketballs rolling by;
Orange is the color that we now spy.

Fluffy clouds and the moon at night;
Did you say the color white?

Roses that grow in the garden bed;
Are this beautiful color, the color red.

Ladybug, ladybug up in the sky.
Thanks for the fun and now we say, goodbye!


How I Made the Folder Story:

  • Cut a large circle out. Add construction paper head and eyes. Draw on antenna.
  • Cut out small black circles for dots.
  • Place a layer of contact paper down, and put the black dots down. Place a second layer of contact paper to seal the black dots in.
  • Use book tape to tape the sides closed.

Folder Story: The Paint Can

This is my first time trying a folder story!! I was searching for a felt or flannel about art when I came across this post from Miss Mary Liberry. She got the idea from Storytime Magic by Kathy Macmillan and the outline of the paint can from this ALA site.

Folder Story, Paint Can

The Paint Can

Miss Smith is going to paint a picture.
She wants to start with a blank sheet, so she paints it white.

When Miss Smith looks out her window, she sees a cardinal on one of the trees outside.
She decides that red is her favorite color;
So she paints her picture red.

As she paints, she takes a bite of her orange.
She decides that orange is her favorite color;
So she paints her picture orange.

She sees some plants in her garden, and one is a yellow tulip.
She decides that yellow is her favorite color;
So she paints her picture yellow.

She likes the way that the leaves of the trees sway in the breeze.
She decides that green is her favorite color;
So she paints her picture green.

While she is looking at the trees, she sees the beautiful blue sky.
She decides that blue is her favorite color;
So she paints her picture blue.

Miss Smith looks down at her painting, and when she does, she sees the crazy purple socks she is wearing!
She decides that purple is her favorite color;
So she paints her picture purple.

Miss Smith has finally completed her painting.
Her painting, which has all of her favorite colors:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple, is a……


How I Made the Folder Story:

  • Cut the dripping paint portion of the paint can out of a file folder. Also, draw in the rest of the paint can. You can choose to draw in the paint can if you want to.
  • Place contact paper on each side of the paint can to avoid having any of the edges get caught and tear.
  • Cut small sections of construction paper and glue them to a piece of paper so you can see the different colors through the dripping paint portion.

Little Me: Baby Animals

Monthly Theme for April: Spring

Weekly Theme for 12 April: Baby Animals

Story Time Plan


  • The More We Get Together
  • Bread and Butter
  • Up, Down, Turn Aroundwee little buny


  • Wee Little Bunny / Lauren Thompson

-Finger Plays

  • It is Springtime
  • Nine Little Flowers
  • Here is a Beehivea book of babies


  • A Book of Babies / Il Sung Na

-Nursery Rhyme

  • Little Bo Peep

-Finger Plays

  • Bumblebee, Bumblebee
  • Five Little Flowers

-Felt Board20170412_125417

-Finger Plays

  • I’m a Little Planted Seed
  • Dig a Little Hole
  • The Gardener Plants a Seed

-Big Bookbarnyard-banter.jpg

  • Barnyard Banter / Denise Fleming

-Musical Movement: Bells

  • Let’s Make a Rainbow
  • Wave Your Ribbons


  • Up, Down, Turn Around
  • Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye





I was feeling a little under the weather, so I cut this story time short. I learned a valuable lesson…always, always, always bring your water bottle into story time!