Flannel Story: Baby Faces

This is a great flannel that I found Mel’s Desk. She has another rhyme that she posted on her website, but I just used the two listed here.

To make these, I ended up making a Microsoft Publisher page with shapes for the face, eyes, and mouths. That way they were pretty similar in size.

Flannel Story, baby faces

5 Little Babies

Five little babies sitting in their cribs.
The first one said, “I need another bib.”
The second one said, “I wish I had my ball.”
The third one said, “I wish that I could crawl.”
The fourth one said, “Oh, when can we play?”
The fifth one said, “It’s been a busy day!”
Then “Shhhhhhhhh” went the mommies, and out went the lights.
And five little babies said goodnight.

10 Little Babies

One little, two little, three little babies.
Four little, five little, six little babies.
Seven little, eight little, nine little babies.
Ten baby girls and boys.


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